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"I've been a regular customer of Hans for a year now and from my first session till my most recent he has been a saving grace for me. He is professional, attentive and intuitive to what my body needs in a session. I asked him to include stretches and he's incorporated them in every massage, even surprising me with some no other massage therapist has done on me.. He responds to inquiries in a timely manner and follows up the day after the session to see how you're doing. I'm so glad our paths crossed. Give him a try, you won't be disappointed."


Dorian B. on 12/2/2022



"It has been my good fortune to have been able to receive amazing massage from Hans for many years. I also am a massage therapist for over thirty years and have received countless massages. Hans is one of the most gifted practitioners I have experienced. With him is almost a form of art. His skills and knowledge of one's body continues to surprise me and amaze me. He is thorough and intuitive. It is no exaggeration to say I feel as if I am incredibly grateful for every single massage, and give him the highest of recommendations."

Tim C. 6/10/2022


"Hi Hans,Thank you for your thoughtful card. The reason I recommend you is because there is no one I know who gives a better massage than you! You are superb at what you do.Thank you for your note. Sincerely"

Maxine F. 3/23/2022



"Hans was absolutely wonderful! He was hired for 2 days at our production company as a gift from our boss to the employees, giving each person a 30-minute massage, but 30 minutes felt too short as Hans relaxed and stretched our bodies that felt was relieving and made us forget about work for all those 30 minutes. Everyone felt comfortable and relaxed as Hans made an environment so soothing. Thank you again Hans for the wonderful time, you spent with us!"

Ray M., New York on 6/13/2019



"As a regular client of Hans-Joerg, I can attest to his professionalism and versatility as a massage therapist. He can address a specific complaint or symptom - a tight hamstring, a cramping quadriceps, a trigger point in the upper back - with immediate results. He also has an eye for the bigger picture and can tackle l term goals such as increased flexibility and suppleness. It is also to great advantage that, when lower back pain prevents travelling to his studio, he is willing to offer a home visit. He possesses a remarkable intuitive capacity to read the body and to work with both strength and finesse in an atmosphere of trust to promote healing and natural equilibrium. Over and over again, I've been impressed by the depth of his work and the breadth of his expertise, including techniques from a number of different trainings and styles of massage."

Craig S. on on 1/21/2019



"Hans-Joerg has an intuitive sense of my body, and each week the experience has been unique. I strongly recommend a two hour session while at the same time I have been enjoying a one-hour session while recovering from illness. At first I admired Hans-Joerg's technique that I saw evolving each week as he became more familiar with my body (I am 64 years old), but now I am much more aware of how my body changes each week and how this talented man quickly recognizes and identifies these changes and then adapts his skills to my body's particular needs. It has been a remarkable and healing experience.
I have been receiving massage and bodywork weekly from Hans-Joerg Renner for the last 16 months and have recommended him to many fiends. They, too, have been delighted to experience his work."

Daniel M. on on 6/11/2017



"I've seen Hans-Joerg regularly over several years, for both Swedish and Thai yoga modality treatments. He's my go-to guy for any aches and pains, or just when I want to zone out for 90 minutes. His work is invariably detailed, expert and creative. I've seen other therapists whose work is very good, but it's always the same routine. Yest for all the times I've seen Hans-Joerg, I've never had the same massage twice, as each session begins with a discussion of what's going on in my body, and if there is something in particular he works on, he follows-ups with an email the next day to check in. He's a dedicated professional and intuitive healer who clearly loves what he does and takes great pride in his work I highly recommend him, and look forward to future sessions with him."
Tim T. New York on 12/13/2015"Hans-Joerg is an excellent masseur: skilled and strong, his technique not only soothes and unwinds, but also exercises--in a really creative way--one's body. By the end of a session with him, you will not only feel deliciously relaxed, but also reinvigorated. Highly recommended."

Rob M. on on 5/1/2016



"I am pleased to recommend Hans Renner without reservations as a superior body work professional. Hans brings himself with his full attention to his work. I have never felt he was just going through the motions treating me. He is truly in his hands as he works. He assesses my situation and addresses my issues each session. He is a truly care-giving professional gifted in applying his strength and insights to benefit his clients .Hans has a very detailed grasp of human physiology and the relationship of muscles, tendons and bones as well as the pitfalls of daily life his clients must navigate. In providing services to us he brings a variety of body work disciplines to his table and uses them with great skill. He is also skilled at explaining what I need as well as how he will address my needs. He has also been very helpful suggesting how I may address my body maintenance issues on my own outside our sessions. He gas worked with me through hip replacement and two shoulder reconstructions, as well as innumerable less dramatic body repairs and maintenance over the years."

Ragnar N. on on 7/3/2015



"About 10 years ago a friend , knowing about my ongoing back problems, suggested I give Hans-Joerg a try. I was very happy with my current therapist, so resisted. About a year later, I gave Hansa try and have been seeing him since almost weekly, While my massage therapist had been good, Hans is in a league by himself. In addition to being highly skilled, he is intuitive and just seems to know what my body needs. I've recommended him to several friends and they all agree, Hans is one terrific massage therapist. It doesn't hurt that he is also a kind, caring human being."

Milt S. on on 7/1/2015



"Hans has been my go-to massage therapist for over 10 years. I try to see him at least once a month. When he's been out of town, I've sampled other masseurs, but no one compares. Hans is sensitive and caring, strong and intuitive. His massage is simply the best. He's also expert at medical massage as well, coordinating with my chiropractor to make sure his massage synched with the other work I was having done."

Frank C. on on 6/30/2015



"I've had many massages, over the years, throughout the U.S. and internationally, and I have found Hans-Joerg Renner to be among the very best, if not THE BEST, of my experiences. His highly professional demeanor and conveniently located studio in mid-town Manhattan are both comforting and welcoming. He is knowledgeable, sensitive, strong when necessary, and attentive to any specific physical concerns I may have, He uses a variety of therapeutic approaches, including stretching, and always keeps my return visits varied and interesting. His rates are fair and reasonable as well. Hans-Joerg is the standard I use to measure all other massage therapists. I could not recommend him more highly."


Paul Z. on on 6/20/2015


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