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Licensed Massage Therapist


My approach:

Instead of forcing my hands through the tissue, I allow a person's body to melt and open up letting an innate wholeness and healing to emerge. Having worked on so many people on so many levels for 20 years in Germany and the US has given me an expansive toolbox of modalities and techniques to choose from.


What massage can do for you?
Wound tight? Keyed up? Maxed out?No matter how you define it, being stressed is not pleasant. Stress affects our mind and our bodies, manifesting itself in aches and pain, sleeplessness, irritability and foggy thinking.Thankfully, there are people who can help. Massage therapists are trained people whose hands can work magic on our stressed-out bodies, coaxing our muscles and brains to relax.-Appleton Post Crescent, Appleton, Wisconsin

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What I can do for you?
I "listen" to your body with my ears, my eyes and especially with my hands, but foremost with my heart and soul. From our first contact until my last touch I create a safe and sacred environment so you can completely let go and invite healing to spread throughout your body.


 What can you expect from me?
I have made the choice to commit time, energy and effort to learn and study how to help others find healing, wellness and balance. I am sensitive to your needs, intuitive in my touch. My first priority is always you.

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